1-Day Acuvue Define (30 PCS)

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1-Day Acuvue Define with LACREON® provides a high standard of beauty to give you the natural radiance you seek. 1-Day Acuvue Define provides an illusion of bigger, sparkling eyes. Adding natural texture to create depth to the iris, while its varying translucency blends in with the iris.

1-DAY ACUVUE® DEFINE® comes with Triple Care – Moisture, Oxygen, UV Protection – to keep your eyes comfortable and healthy all day, every day.



Keeps eyes moist and comfortable.


Supports the health of your eyes so you can enjoy clear and comfortable vision all day long!

UV Protection

Protects from harmful UV rays by blocking at least 97% of UVB and 82% of UVA radiation from the sun

  • RADIANT SWEET™ for a sweet endearing look
  • RADIANT CHIC™ for a standout look
  • RADIANT BRIGHT™ for a bright captivating look
  • RADIANT CHARM™ for a deep enchanting look
  • ACCENT STYLE for an elegant look
  • VIVID STYLE for a vibrant look
  • NATURAL SHINE™ for a sophisticated look



Weight: 0.124 kg

Wearing Schedule: Daily Disposable

Material: 42% Polymer (etafilcon A)

Water Content: 58%

Diameter: 14.2 mm

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