Biofinity Toric (6 PCS) + [FREE 1 pc]

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CooperVision Biofinity contact lenses incorporate the optimal balance of lens material, surface design and optics to provide remarkable comfort, breathability and visual performance in the broadest range of prescriptions.

Aquaform technology allows every Biofinity Toric lens to be formed using a naturally moist material with high water content. Prevents your eyes from dehydrating and keeps away any potentially harmful build-ups of protein. Silicone hydrogel lens material allowing more natural oxygen to reach your eyes. Keeping your eyes white, bright and free from any irritation. Even in a dry, air-conditioned environment, Biofinity Toric lenses will remain comfortable throughout the day.



Weight: 0.075 kg
Wearing Schedule: Monthly Disposable
Material: Comfilcon A
Water content: 48%
Diameter: 14.5 mm
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