Blincon Beauty (2 PCS)

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Blincon Beauty Star colored contacts lens brings out your eyes with bigger sparkling look. Your eye will speak for the style and personality that you want with Blincon Beauty Star contact lenses. No matter what the occassion is, Blincon circle lenses got the colors that fits you.

Blincon Beauty color contact lenses with 4 unique patterns (Star, Snow, Moon & Sun) will certainly level up your Charm and unleash the confident side of you.

Blincon color contact lens utilizes the “plusierus” technology, where the pigments are encapsulated between the inside and upper coating, ensuring that there is no contact between the pigment and the eye. This give you an exceptional wearing comfort.



Weight: 0.06 kg

Wearing Schedule: Monthly Disposable

Material: Hema

Water Content: 40%

Diameter: 14.5 mm

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