Colourvue Sparkle 1 Month Monthly (2 PCS)

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Sparkle is based on the most popular Big Eyes /circle lens design. The thick dark circle creates extra large iris effect and crisp definition. Available in 6 colours. The Iced Coffee and Black Olive blends well with dark eyes and maintains a very natural look. The Nutella Brown and Grey Mushroom adds slight glamorous touch to your look while keeping a natural colour change. Here is our latest addition you’ve been waiting for.


- Sandwiched colour layers, safe from side effects

- European CE approved

- ISO9001 and ISO13485 certified manufacturing facility



- US FDA approved hydrogel material

- Excellent oxygen permeability and superior comfort

- Ultra-thin design (0.06mm)

- Rounded Edge to prevent damage to the cornea



- Variety of colours & designs

- Perfect Colour blend technology

- Precision cast moulding and lathe cut process

- Designs that suits both dark and light colour eyes



    Weight: 0.07 kg

    Wearing Schedule: Monthly Disposable

    Material: Hydrogel Terpolymer

    Water Content: 45%

    Diameter: 14.5mm

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