Freshkon Colors Fusion Monthly (2 PCS)

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Love dressing up your eyes? Then you’re going to adore the fabulous ‘Sparklers’ series. The beautiful Freshkon Colors Fusion Sparklers series offers radiant, sparkling style while the original ‘Dazzlers’ series gives you a dazzling and vivacious look.

Freshkon Colors Fusion range of cosmetic lenses boast unique and attractive colours that match your eye colour to your mood, outfit, and lifestyle. With a distinctive 3-tone pattern, it will create that vibrant look in you.

Optimal Comfort

- 55% (1-Month) water content for optimal comfort

- Hydrophilic (water-loving) surface for comfortable wear

- Easy to wear with no curling lens problem

Excellent Vision

- Large optical zone for clear vision

- Wide power range from -0.00D to -10.00D

- Freshkon Colours Fusion

- Hydro Micro-Insulation Technology

- Micro-colourants are locked and insulated, isolated from your eyes

- Benefit: Superior wearing comfort & lens performance



Weight: 0.049 kg

Wearing Schedule: Monthly Disposable

Material: 45% Methafilcon A

Water Content: 55%

Diameter: 14.2 mm

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