Freshlook CC Lens (10 PCS)

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Get Naturally Vivid Eyes with Freshlook CC Lens. The Circle feature adds definition and enlarges, while the Starburst pattern brightens up your eyes. The Freshlook CC color feature then adds depth and color, which blends beautifully with your eyes! The 3-in-1 Color Technology of Freshlook CC Lens are designed to make your eyes bigger and blend beautifully for a new natural effects on your eyes.

• Improved 3-in-1 Color Technology
• Bigger Print Diameter (14.2mm)
• Wider Clear Zone

    Weight: 0.049 kg
    Wearing Schedule: Daily Disposable Material: Nelfilcon A
    Water Content: 69%
    Diameter: 14.2 mm
    Packaging: 10 Pieces / Box


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